Jamaica Business Cards: How To Maximize Their Use?

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Jamaica Business Cards:  How To Maximize Their Use?

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Most business owners will just typically throw their logo and contact information on their business cards in Jamaica and call it a day…….now this is a big mistake a lot of small business owners in Jamaica makes, allow me to tell you why….

Stop thinking of your business cards as just a business card, instead think of it as a mini brochure which will allow you to get more information out to your prospects.  Here are some tips to get you started with re-inventing your business card.

1.  Breathe life into your business card by making them Full Color – If you still have black and white business cards you now need to give them a make over to portray a better image of your company and to stand out from your competition.

2.  Print on both sides of the business card – the back needs some attention and why not use that space to give your prospects more information about your company.  You can even use it to promote your products or services.

3.  Highlight why consumers should choose you instead of your competition.

4.  Leave a stack of them in businesses that you frequently do business with.

5.  Give out more than one, when someone asks you for a business card, that way they will have an extra one to give to a friend.

“Can I Have Your Business Card?” is one of the most frequently asked questions, almost as much as we ask our friends and family “Can You Hear Me Now” when our Digicel or C&W cell phone signal drops.

If you don’t have a business card to give to someone when they ask, you could be missing a major opportunity and worst, if its not a full color business uv coated business card.  Who do you think your prospect is going to call if they get 2 business cards, one full color and one black and white?  Of course it’s the company with the full color business card and it portrays a higher image, professionalism and the benefits go on and on…

Your business cards says a lot about you and your company in Jamaica, let Mysticonline help you re-invent your business card that you will be proud to hand out and that will become an effective marketing tool for you.



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