How To Use Flyers In Jamaica To Grow Your Business Or Event

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Best Flyers Jamaica Best Flyers Jamaica

I receive flyers all the time. The other day I got a flyer trying to sell me a computer. It had tiny, tiny lettering slathered all over the front and a huge portion of the back of the card.

It was exceptionally hard to review, so hard in fact that I tossed it away.

Several days later I received a flyer with 32 words on it telling me that I might get complete information on unrestricted long distance telephone service for only a few cents a minute without extra regular monthly cost by calling the 800 number on the card.

I did call. I got the details, had my concerns responded to and gotten my long distance service changed.
The company who provided me this service was using a time tested 2 step selling procedure:

Step 1. Produce a lead – Get me to call.

Step 2. Offer the requested information – Provided to me on the phone by one of their sales agents, who had the ability to address my questions and make me feel confident that I could conserve quite a bit of money on my bill, the service would be as good or much better.

What’s So Great About 2 Steps?

It is much simpler to develop interest (a lead) than it is to get a person from a whole buying procedure (a sale).

You aren’t getting the customer or existing customer to part with any money just yet.

You can use flyers to cheaply advertise to your target prospects and customers and generate leads (inquiries about your services, event and products) to then be acted on and transformed to sales.

This 2 step process likewise assists you to create a list of individuals who were interested enough in what you offered to call you.

You can then recontact the one’s who you didn’t complete a sale with when they initially asked, preferably until they do purchase from you.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to get the details you will need to recontact individuals who replied to your flyer offering.

Repetitive follow-ups with individuals who contacted you will result in enhanced sales. Make it a company policy to follow up with those individuals who contacted you about your services and products.

The Most Efficient Use of Flyers.

The function of your flyer’s message is to produce an ample level of interest in the mind of your customer to obtain him/her to call you to ask you about your offer.

You are generating interest, not gathering their money (not yet anyhow). That is exactly what the 2 step advertising procedure has to do with. Getting interested prospects and customers to call you to learn more.

Your message needs 3 parts to be most effective:.

1. A clear statement of the most significant advantage of your services or product (in the phone company example, it was cost savings).

2. An excellent reason for them to contact you NOW.

3. An easy, simple method for them to react.

Your message ought to be short and to the point. Brief messages on flyers produce even more leads than long ones.

For example:.

Call 876-544-1211 for Your Copy of Our Free Report:.

Exactly what 99.9 % of Jamaica Business Owners Don’t Know and Will Never Find Out About Utilizing Flyers to Increase Their Profits.

Offer ends 05-05-14 (Print a date 3 months from your campaign start date to develop some urgency).

A great deal of individuals will reply to discover what they could not know. Always remember, they reacted, which is at least some interest in the information you have created an interest about.

This approach works and makes sure to produce a a great deal of inquiries if sent to your target prospects.

This 2 Step Advertising and marketing Procedure Functions.

Use the pointers you have checked out above to produce your next flyer’s message and see what takes place.

You will create a bunch of leads from individuals who are really thinking about your products, services and event by using The Best Flyers Jamaica.




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